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Committed to the environment

ESG factors



In environmental management, we are signatories of the Zero Deforestation Agreement for the palm oil supply chain in Colombia and we are an active member of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020.


We advance in the reference framework of certification and international recognition as a sustainable palm producer with the highest standards of the ISCC, RSPO and Rainforest Alliance.


Our growth is determined by the needs of our clients and the environmental, social and productive conditions of the soils and ecosystems of our region. Our development plan incorporates maximum efficiencies in the use of resources such as water, soil improvement and the protection of fauna and flora in conservation areas.




Prestige Group generates most of Nueva Antioquia's economic activity through direct and indirect formal employment. We operate in a region historically forgotten by the National Government with deficiencies in the supply of services and public goods. .


Faced with this difficult reality, as partners of the APRODENA Foundation, we implement various initiatives in the field of education, health, safety and investment in infrastructure.


Our approach and planned expansion plan represents an opportunity to generate new jobs and associative agreements with local communities and even the population of other regions.


Corporate Governance


Prestige Group is a palm oil producer company that manages and operates a vertically integrated production and supply chain. Our management team has national and international operational experience in agribusiness and promotes governmental and institutional actions.


Likewise, our shareholders maintain agricultural projects with notable similarities in the development process of our company and with the highest standards by the European community.


We want to achieve greater well-being for our employees to strengthen the main advances in environmental, social and economic sustainability in Nueva Antioquia, Vichada.


We are currently working to obtain the RSPO, ISCC and RAINFOREST certifications.

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