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Our Origin

From Norway to Colombia

The beginning of a great project

The experienced industrialists and investors Ole Martin Siem and Kristian Siem from Norway, identified the Orinoco river basin of Vichada, Colombia to be suitable for sustainable agribusiness. This vast area is considered among the few remaining places on the planet that can supply the world’s population with edible products, biofuels and environmental services. 


Over the course of 20+ years, Prestige Group has invested in a palm extraction mill, coupled with infrastructure improvements such as private roads and bridges, facilitating year-round transportation while contributing to the local economic development in Nueva Antioquia, Vichada through direct employment and consumption. 



history and beginning

Prestige is committed to the sustainable abundance of the region while raising awareness around conservation issues in the developing world. Our investors have valuable untapped land that will be part of the growth stages contributing to the development of palm oil production over next 5+ years and to a successful sustainable business in order to develop further palm or other profitable crops. 

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